Kolo (Xindus OP Prize)

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Kolo (Xindus OP Prize)

Postby howarden » Tue May 15, 2018 1:55 pm

"When a friendly ship within range 1 of your ship is defending, during the declare target step, your ship may become the target of the attack instead of the friendly ship. Treat the attack as though your ships were at the same range as the friendly ship".

Can Kolo's ship still become the Target if it is beyond range 3 of the attacker or if it is out of it's firing arc. Also can Kolo's ship become the target if it is obstructed by a planet?
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Re: Kolo (Xindus OP Prize)

Postby stawrulesteam » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:51 pm

After much deliberation we've decided to errata Kolo for two main reasons:

1) He's incredibly powerful and often disables an opponent from accomplishing much, if anything, when coupled with a hyper defensive ship. He can very easily make ships that would normally be proverbial glass cannons unkillable because they get to hide behind a hyper-defensive ship with Kolo. This is frustrating to players opposing Kolo and leads to them having no fun which is no good!

2) His wording circumvents some core aspects of the game (i.e. the interaction with Kolo and squadrons) and is ultimately a pain in butt for us on the rules team.

As such, here is Kolo's new wording:

DECLARE TARGET STEP: If this ship is within range and the firing arc of an opposing attacking ship, target a friendly defending ship within range 1.

This ship becomes the target of the attack instead of the friendly defending ship. Treat this ship as though it’s at the same range as the target friendly defending ship for this attack.

What does this change?

1) Kolo can only be activated once per game round.

2) Kolo must be within range and the firing arc of the attacking ship as well as within range 1 of the friendly defending ship.

3) Kolo targets the friendly ship now.

How do these changes interact with existing rulings?

1) Jammed Communications now stops Kolo because he targets a friendly ship.

2) Kolo can still only intercept one of the attacks from Torpedo Fusillade.

3) Kolo can no longer be outside of range 3 of the attack ship nor can he be outside of the attacking ships firing arc nor can he be obstructed by a planet,

4) Kolo can not intercept an attack targeting a friendly attack squadron because his effect now targets.

5) As previously ruled, if Kolo redirects a torpedo attack that requires a target lock to himself the attack continues even if the target lock spent was on the friendly defending ship that he redirected the attack from.
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