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A Guide On Copying

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A Guide On Copying

Postby dmrulesteam » Fri May 18, 2018 2:25 pm

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of questions about how "copying" works. We would like to take the time to explain this, and hopefully answer most of your questions at the same time. (Updated 5/18/2018)

There are different types of "copying" in Dice Masters - stats, abilities, and dice/cards.

When an ability copies the "stats" of a character die, it copies the fielding cost, A, and D printed on the face of the copied die as it then exists in the field. (It does not copy any bursts, but would retain its own burst.) This occurs without regard to whether another game effect previously or subsequently altered or alters the copied die's stats--the copying die copies the states physically located on the copied die at the time the copying occurs. Because the fielding cost is being copied as well, a player fielding subsequent copies of the copying die would pay the copied fielding cost when fielding the copying die. But not when they field the first copy of the copying die, as it would not copy the copied die's fielding costs until it is already in the field. Some cards alternatively state that they copy the "printed A and D" of another die. These cards would work the same way, with the sole exception being that they do not also copy fielding cost.

When an ability copies the "abilities" of a character die, it means to functionally take all the text in the copied die's card, except any Global Abilities, and add it to the copying die's card. The card of the copying die also retains its original text. When the copied text references the name of its original card, substitute the name of the copying die. For example, if Mimic: Calvin Rankin were to copy Professor X: Noble Intentions, Mimic would add the following text: "While Mimic is active, your X-Men character dice have +1A and +1D." This effect is only concerned with the text actually on the card at the time the copying occurs. if the copied die has additional abilities at the time of the copying due to another game effect, those would not be copied. Similarly, if the copied die subsequently has the text on its card ignored by another game effect, the copying die would be unaffected--it would still have the copied abilities. However, if the text on the copied die's card is being ignored due to another game effect at the time of the copying, the ignored abilities would not be copied, even after that text is no longer ignored. If the copied die's card has a "when fielded" ability, subsequent copies of the copying die would trigger that ability when they are fielded. But not when they field the first copy of the copying die, as it would not copy the copied die's abilities until it has already been fielded.

When an ability copies a "character die" or "character card," it copies the copied die's stats, abilities, and everything else printed on the copied die's card, such as title/name, subtitle, purchase cost, energy type, affiliation, alignment, equip ability, and Global Abilities. As to stats, this die references the card that is copying (so on level 1 it has level 1 stats of the die/card it is copying). As to abilities, this also occurs in the same manner described above, with one exception. Because the copying die's name is replaced by the copied die's name, any self-referential abilities (either in its original abilities or its copied abilities) will refer to the name of the copied die. As to everything else that is copied, operate as if the copying card is identical to the copied card, with one exception. When purchasing the copying die from its card, or when using game effects that refer to the copying dice on their card, use the purchase cost (including any energy requirements) as originally printed on the copying die's card. In all other circumstances, use the purchase cost on the copied die's card.

As to some more specific questions we have received:

Q: If Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity is fielded on its own level 3 face, and targets a level 2 Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten character die, does it take the stats of a level 3 Wolverine? If so, the stats will change if I spin the Doppelganger up, or down?*
A: Your Doppelganger would use its own level to reference the level displayed on the card of the die it is copying. As your Doppelganger die spins up or down, it continues to reference back to the card of the die it is copying. If the die it is copying changes, all Doppelganger dice in your Field Zone immediately reference the die stats of the new die (including burst symbols).

Q: Does the copy still retain it's own ability, or is it effectively completely transformed into whatever it is copying? In other words, if I were to field a second Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity, would I choose a new (or the same) target to copy? Or would it act like the die that it is currently copying? For example, if I copied the Firefly: Ted Carson with the first Doppelganger, and then fielded a second one, would I get the "when fielded effect" from the Firefly?
A: Doppelganger would retain its own ability in addition to copying Firefly's ability, so you could choose a new target for the second Doppelganger you field. The second Doppelganger will trigger the Firefly "when fielded" effect because it had that ability at the time it was fielded. This would be the case even if your second Doppelganger targeted a non-Firefly character die to become a copy of, because it was copying Firefly at the time it was fielded. Also, Doppelganger would count as a bolt character for the purposes of Firefly's effect, because it copies energy type as well.

Q: If Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity copies a die with Fabricate, can you KO the required number and purchase cost of characters to purchase Doppelganger dice for free?
A: Yes. Also, because Fabricate is an ability that considers the purchase cost of character dice in the field, you would use the purchase cost of the die Doppelganger is copying in determining whether the purchase cost requirements of the Fabricate ability have been fulfilled.

Q: If I copy a character die with Swarm, do Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity dice drawn from my bag now have Swarm?*
A: Yes, but the dice in your bag would only trigger Doppelganger's Swarm. So Kobold and Doppelganger could each trigger Swarm off of their own dice, but not off of each other's. The rationale is that if each of these character dice had the same "While active," ability, you would get 2 copies of it. Thus, for the sake of Swarm, they shouldn't count one another.

Q: I have a Morph: Kevin Sidney character die in the field on a burst face. I field a White Tiger: Mystical Amulet character die on Level 3 (4A,5D) and sacrifice a sidekick so she becomes 5A, 6D with Overcrush. Which stats (and abilities) does Morph end up copying?
A: Your Morph would have 4 A, 5 D, and White Tiger's "when fielded" ability, but it would not have Overcrush.

Q: What happens if the card of the die my Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity is copying is blanked?
A: If the card's text is being ignored at the time your Doppelganger copies it, then Doppelganger would not copy any of the ignored text (and would not subsequently gain it when that text is no longer being ignored). If the card's text becomes ignored after Doppelganger has already successfully copied the subsequently-ignored text, nothing happens.

Q: If I have a fielded Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity that has copied Firefly: Ted Carson and I roll another Doppelganger on a double mask face, may I spend that energy as two masks or as two bolts?
A: You may only spend that as two masks. None of the copying effects detailed above alter the energy symbols on the copying die. Doppelganger is considered a bolt character, but its energy faces on its die may still only be used as mask energy.

We appreciate your questions, and future editions of the Rulebook will incorporate some of these clarifications.

*Questions with an asterisk have had their answers significantly changed from the original version of this guide. Previous answers have not been preserved here to reduce confusion for new players or those viewing the guide for the first time.

- The Dice Masters Rule Team
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Reason: This guide was changed to reflect a change in how Doppelganger, copying Swarm, and copying levels works. Also, some typos were addressed.
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