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Dice Masters Tournament Update 11/19/2014

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Dice Masters Tournament Update 11/19/2014

Postby dmrulesteam » Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:59 am

Hello Dice Masters Fans!

We’re working on rolling out a change for how Swiss Rounds for Dice Masters are played in tournaments. Instead of Best of 3 Matches, the suggested format for the Swiss Round portion of a tournament will now be single-game matches with a suggested time of 30 minutes per round. This will apply to Monthly OP and Storyline OP events.

This may seem like a major change, but in talking with players and storeowners we believe the net change will result in more meaningful and positive play experiences. Spending the majority of a round trying to claw back from a first-game loss can be frustrating, as can waiting for other games to finish if yours ended early. Getting you to your next game sooner should actually provide skilled players who were unlucky a better attempt to place well in a tournament. Additionally, feedback has been that players change their play method in the final games to draw them out to time — this isn't good for anyone. Furthermore, unlike other games, there is no hidden information in Dice Masters for players to have things go very differently in games two or three.

For stores, shorter round lengths should make Dice Masters events more accessible. Players getting to play against more unique opponents lends itself better to growing a Dice Masters community within the store. Running events on weeknights is also more viable when rounds can be shorter. As always, at the beginning of an event the format should be made clear to all players; for example; 4 Swiss Single Game Rounds followed by a 4-person top cut with Best of 3 Single Elimination.

Stores are still welcome to allow Best of 3 play if they believe that is what is best for them, and Best of 3 is suggested for top cut playoff matches, particularly for large turnouts.

We appreciate our fans’ continued enthusiasm as Dice Masters continues to evolve as a game and a brand.

-The WK team
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