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Kitty Pride - Shadowcat

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Re: Kitty Pride - Shadowcat

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:43 pm

matkinsyn wrote:Card Text: Kitty Pryde cannot be blocked on the turn she is fielded. Global: Pay [1 Mask]. Target character cannot attack this turn unless its owner pays 1 life.

Example: I have finished the main step. Few characters are now in my field zone. My opponent didn't spend his MASK energy on the global ability. Therefore now I am in the attacking step. Based to rules (page 13 in http://wizkids.com/dmasters/MDM4_Rulebo ... 15-WEB.pdf) the order in attacking step is following: assign attackers, assign blockers, use global ability, assign damage. Now I assign attackers and my opponent assign blockers.

Questions: Is my opponent now able to use Shadowcat's global ability to unable one of my die to attack? If so, what will happen next? What if he assign blocker for this die? etc.

Note: my interpretation of this global ability is that once attacker is assigned this global ability can't be applied to this dice - therefore only way to do it is to apply it in the main step of the opponent before the attacking step.

Thank you

Technically, your character dice are still legal tarets for Kitty Pryde's Global Ability. However, they're already attacking. So unless something granted you an extra Attack Step, using this Global during the Attack Step has no meaningful effect.

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