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Cloaked Mines and Planning phase

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Cloaked Mines and Planning phase

Postby plopps » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:51 am

Cloaked mines states that they are placed "During Planning Phase". Launching a shuttlecraft happens "During Planning Phase". With the new article on WizKids site called "the first transmission" it talks about the"Planning Phase" and alludes to events are activated per ship by captain skill/initiative order:
Initiative now has an impact on the Planning Phase. Previously, players could place their Maneuver Dials during the Planning Phase at any time and in any order. Additionally, they could pick up their Maneuver Dials after placing them. This caused issues where players would place their dial, an effect would resolve, and then they would pick up their dial and change their maneuver to best avoid the effect that was resolved. I’m looking at you Cloaked Mines!
. However further down in the article it has a "Timing" section that states:
Unless otherwise specified, effects, abilities, etc. that specify a phase, step, or time to activate in can only activate at the beginning of the specified phase, step, or time.

My question is, do all effects occur before any maneuver dial is placed or do they occur when the ship places its maneuver dial, i.e. I have a CS8 ship with a cloaked mine on it. My opponent has 3 ships all at CS4 Do I wait to place the cloaked mine until I place my maneuver dial? If so does my opponent get to change his dial after i place my mines?
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