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Postby hcrulesteam » Sat Jun 05, 2021 11:14 am

Silver Age includes all the figures from Superior Foes of Spider-Man and newer. Figures in this format all have the dial printed on the back of the card. This includes all exclusive and promotional figures. Typically this will include all figures whose collector number year shows 17 and up (such as M17, MP17, F17, etc.). As long as the character card follows the indicted card format as introduced in Superior Foes of Spider-Man, the game element is legal for a Silver Age event (unless it is a banned game element).

Please see the figures/game elements banned for Silver Age below, as well as the Silver Age Watch List. In the future, figures/game elements might be banned in Silver Age even if they’re legal in Modern Age, since the needs of the formats are different.
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Postby hcrulesteam » Sat Jun 05, 2021 11:17 am

WK MP-18 001 Blackbird
FF JW 004 The Penguin

JW 053b Jakeem Thunder
TMNT3 Mini Shredder
WI 040 Goblin King
TMT 058 Uni-Mind
JW 060 The Joker
FF HQGG 006 Corrupt GPCD Cop
SW:BW 061 Black Panther
EAX 017b Vulture
EAX 054 Daredevil
XTAS 011b Magneto
XTAS 023b Sabretooth
XTAS 043b Mister Sinister
HOX 030 Moira X
XTAS G014 Proteus
XTAS G018 Wendigo
XTAS G020 Dark Phoenix
AI G001 Giant-Girl
AI G017 Giganto & Namor
AI G025 Groot
FF AI G001 Giant-Girl
TMT G001 Surtur
TMT G004 Carnage
WK MP18 005 Lockjaw
WK MP-18 G001 Tri-Sentinel
All ID Cards
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